New York

We Love New York about everything!
New York is the best city of the world!

I`want to write not a lot over New York, but rather show you a few nice pictures!

This picture had to be easy, humph tasty these Hot Dogs
Always these Caloriesbut they are so tasty

Who was there once, will swarm from him any more out do not come! Very much very much very nice city or the USA is a great land with nothing but surprises! Who may there a lot of luck, not I do not like Germany, however, I would have the choice then I would be without a trace has disappeared sometimes a few applications (35 pieces) sends, sometimes look, perhaps one has the gigantic luck and it claps with work over there! Well, to dreams will be probably permitted

This Picture hangs on my wall an eye-catcher is always worth and allows to dream a lot burst to!

New York is and remains my dreamland where I would live loving with pleasure.
We strongly work on it with it claps!

My life-style is:

  • My life motto is live your dreamand nothing is impossible!

  • Life and life leave

  • Dogs and cats are the better people if they do not like each other, they feign one no friendship before.


Viel Spaß auf dieser Seite und wenn es euch gefällt hinterlasst doch bitte einen Eintrag in meinem Gästebuch!

A lot of fun on this side and if it to you like leave please an entry in my visitors' book!
Tiere sind die besseren Menschen
Animals are the better people!
Tiere sind die besseren Menschen

Loyal soul, will always love you, treats your dog always as well as you would like to be treated!
Gute Seele, er wird sie immer lieben, behandelt euren Hund so wie ihr auch bahandelt werden möchtet.

A dog loves you, a cat owns you :O)
Ein Hund liebt euch , eine Katze besitzt euch :O)

The love to the animal simply substitutes for everything!
Die Liebe zum Tier ersetzt einfach alles!
Tierschutz Seite ist immer aktuell
Protection of animals side is always topical
Schaut mal ab und an bei Aktuelles vorbei
if news calls in sometimes from time to time on the column.
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